Dear Guest,

We are delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can. We would like to inform you about that we have been doing to support you throughout your vacations and organizations. Since the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a globally critical situation, we have been doing our best to provide you a safe environment for your vacations and organizations.

As it has alwats been, our guests’ an team members’ safety continues to have the highest importance for us. We are proud to be protecting the highest standarts when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

In order to carry our cleaning and hygiene protocols to a strickter level against the Corona Virus pandemic, we have put extra precautions under the guidance of global and local public health officials (including World Health Org. And Center For Disease Control)

We admit that your accommodation in our hotel may be different because of the Corona Vırus pandemic, so we thank you for your understanding.


As it has always been, our guests’ and team members’ safety continue to be our highest priorety. We are doing everything we can to provide you a safe vacation and offer the maximum flexibility inaccordance with the updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” has improved MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL’s already high level of houskeeping services and hygiene standarts in which currently hospital quality cleaning products and enhanced protocols are used.

The Program includes the following:

  • MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” Room Seal to indicate that guest rooms haven’t been accessed since they were cleaned.
  • Extra sterilization of the 10 High-Touch, Deep Clean Areas in the guest rooms, including light switches, door handels.
  • Increasing the frequency of the public area cleaning.
  • Guest-accessible sanitizing units at entrances and high traffic areas.
  • Enhanced sports center cleaning.
  • Reduced paper amenities. (Notepads and guest guides etc.)
  • Enhanced hygiene protocol for room service.
  • Enhanced cleaning of the buffets, meetin and the other areas.
  • Exploring Technologies like disinfactive vapour electrostatic sprayers, ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces and objects.
  • Team members’ health and safety with personal protective equipments and strenghthened training and protocols.

Check in/Check out

Our guests are being informed about MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” and other precautions we are taking.

  • As necessitated by our hygiene procedures our guests will park their own cars.
  • Our guests are welcomed at the enterance with disinfactive carpets. After their temperatures are taken and recorded only to share with the guests themselves inaccordance with the “Law of Personal Data Protection”.
  • You may Check-in online through MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL Application. You may also pick the room number you want which is available.
  • Objects which are used frequently such as room keys and pencils are sterilized with “Ultraviolet Disinfection Machine” after every use. Also devices like posy machine and public phones are sterilized after every use.
  • Sterilizing sprays and masks will always be present at the reception.
  • The suitcases and other belongings of the guests will be taken inside after being sterilized by our trained team members and then our guests will be sent to their rooms safely.
  • Online or contactless payment will be prefered whenever it’s possible.
  • To minimize the physical contact, when bill is required, we send the bills through e-mail, instead of giving hardcopies.


Cleanin of the Guest Rooms and our Hygiene Protocol

According to the MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” protocols.

  • Ozon generators are effectively used in all of the rooms, to prevent the bacterias to occur.
  • The towels are presented to the guests in the plastic bags.
  • Upon requirement, single-use products such as bedlinens and towels, will be provided as extra.
  • There are sanitizers put at each floor fort he guests.
  • Bathroom towels, robes, hand towels and pillowcases are being sterilized and presented to theguests as packeged.
  • The room cleaning procedure is being carried out by our team members, who are supposed to wear masks, bonnets and disposable glows.
  • The highly touched materials like, light switches, drawer handels, cettles, remote controllers are being deepli sterilized.
  • Air conditioner filters are being renewed after when the guests leave the room.
  • Guest rooms will be cleaned and aired for 72 hours after the check out of the previous guest.


After all these cleaning and hygiene processes the MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” Room Seal will indicate guest rooms haven’t been accessed since they were cleaned.


                   Areas in the Guest Room

  1. SWITCHES & ELECTRONIC CONTROLS: Lights, lambs, switches and electronic controls.
  2. HANDELS & KNOBS: Doors, closets, drawers, furniture knobs and drapery pull handles.
  3. MAJOR BATHROOM SURFACES: Toilet handles and seat, splash walls, shower/tub controls and sink faucets.
  5. TELEPHONES, REMOTE CONTROLS AND CLOCKS: Handsets, dial pads and function buttons.
  6. BED & BEDDING: All bed linens including duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets.
  7. BATH AMENTIES: Bulk dispensers, individual amenities, tissue boxes, soap dishes, amenity trays and hair dryer.
  8. HARD SURFACES: Tables, desks and nightstands.
  9. CLOSET GOODS: Iron, safe handle and keypad.
  10. IN-ROOM FOOD & BEVERAGE: Cutlery, glassware, ice buckets, mini bars, kettle and coffee maker.


Washing process Of Textile Products

  • After use, the towels and bedlinens are aired at an empty, cold area distanced from people all night lobg. The next day these textiles are send to the tunnel system by cautious washer team members using glows, masks and protective clothes.
  • All of the washing processes of the tunnel system is being updated in accordance with the precautions against coronavirus.
  • The heating degrees of all the textile products have been increased 80C.
  • Owing to the Reversw Osmosis’ water system with additional ultraviolet filter, that is used for washing in-room textile products the bacterias and viruses vanished.
  • The quantity of the bleachers have been increased 5 times to strengthen their disinfection qualities.
  • The main washing durations have been increased 2 times in total.
  • An additional disinfactive stage has been added to the end of the 4 rinsing stages.
  • All of the laundry baskets are disinfected through spray sanitizers after each process and kept waitin ready fort he next operation.
  • All the panels and remote controllers that are not subjected to heath are cleaned every hour by the responsible team member.
  • After the washing process, the machines and also inside of he tunnel system are regularly sterilized. (through empty washing processes)


         Food & Beverage Unites

Our team members are trained on the facility protocols; developed and updated in accordance with updates on Covid-19. There have been some innovations, within the frame of hygiene and social distancing rules, at food & beverage concept standards.

  • We will continue to regulate our food and beverage sevices in line with the existing safe nurture recommendations. Self-service at the hotel restaurant’s buffet has been reduced and the dishes are served as single portions. Certain dishes are served directly by a team member or may be taken without touching any tools like tongs and spoons. When required set-menu alternatives prepared for our guests will be served to the tables by our team members.
  • Glows, masks and sanitizing units will be provided at the enterence of all the restaurants and outlets.
  • All the service staff will work with masks and glows.
  • All the seating sets at food & beverage units will be disinfected every half an hour.
  • There will be single-use paper placemats whereas table sheets and fabric napcins won’t be used.
  • The tea and coffee machines which are normally for self use, will be used and served only by our team members.
  • Products such as salt, papper, toothpick etc. Will be offered at the tables in single use packages as much as possible.
  • Seating orders in all of the restaurants and bars have been rearranged regarding social distancing rules.
  • Guest who are taking services from the buffet will use this area regarding social distancing rules.


Kitchen Unites

With our new hygiene protocol applied in our kitchens, any risk, that might occure during the food processing and supply operations identified and inspected by the organizations, specified below, through the 86 articled list of cleaning, hygiene and food safety points, are being minimized.

  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  • The Ministry of Health
  • HACCP Food Regulation
  • MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” Guest Safety and Health Program
  • Our Kitchen is being supported and inspected by MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL brand’s Global hygiene and food safety solution partner “Royal Cert” and two other independent organizations connected to it.
  • Monitoring and managing of these processes are being conducted by our chef de cuisine and managers.
  • Replicated samples are taken from every single food we servet o our guests by our food engineers.
  • Our kitchen team is wearing masks in addition to the bonets and the aprons they always wear.
  • There are hygiene barriers, sanitizers, necessery products and equipments for hand and body hygiene located at the food production area during product and raw material transfers.
  • The work order of all the kitchen team have been rearrenged in line with social distancing rules.


Other Precautions at Common Areas

 Car locatiıns at the parking place have been redesigned according to the rules.

  • Exhaust fans have been activated at the parking space.
  • Everyone’s temperatures are taken when they enter the building.
  • Inside areas, public areas and the lobby are being disinfected periodically every 3 hours with effective disinfectans.
  • Cleaning frequency will be increased with constant and constant cleaning principal in line with MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL “Safe Tourism” protocols.
  • All  of the cleaning team is using single-use glows and masks
  • In every public area restroom, commonly touched surfaces (elevatorbuttons, door handles, banisters etc. The cleaning process is conducted using effective sterilizers like chlorine tablets, bleachers etc.)
  • Sanitizing units have been located at all the common area restrooms, elevator enterances and other areas where there is high touch possibility.
  • The periodical maintenance and necessary sterilization of other tools, materials, units including fan and air conditioner system and wahing laundry machines are being conducted.
  • Regarding the use of the elevators in accordance with the social distancing rules, there have been put stickers and written notices to protect social distance.
  • All of the seating orders at the public areas been rearrenged in accordance with the social distancing rules.
  • Sheems are hang o the walls at the public areas inside the hotel about the precautions against COVID-19 and social distancing rules in 3 different languages
  • At every water tank chlorine degree have been decreased to 8-10 ppm level and the water is quick-freezed.


Meeting Rooms

As MIDTOWN HOTEL İSTANBUL we perform highest cleanliness and hygiene standards. In order to carry our cleanliness and hygiene protocols to a more meticulous state as a precaution against COVID-19, we have taken additionol measurements under the guidience of the global and local public health authorities including WHO and CDC.

  • Our hotel teams are receiving continues briefing and enhanced facility protocols.
  • We have increased the cleaning frequency of the common areas (lobby, elevators, door handles, restrooms etc.) and we keep on using disinfectant sprays.
  • We willl continue to regulate our food and beverage services in accordance with the current food safety advises.
  • At all of the restrooms, high-touch surfaces (elevator buttons, door handles, bannisters of the meeting rooms) cleaning in processed using effective disinfactants such as chlorine tablets and bleachers etc.
  • Sanitizing units, shoe covers, single-use masks will be provided at the enterance of the meeting rooms.
  • All of the equipments (microphones, monitors etc.) are being periodically sterilized with effective disinfectants.
  • All of the meeting rooms will be aired.
  • At the food and beverage units (tea-coffee machines, cookie services etc.) only our team members will do the serving.
  • At all the meeting rooms, tablets at the foyer area, bistro tables and seating orders have been rearranged regarding social distancing rules.